Take Action: The 2024 Eggsposé

Caged Hen Looking at Camera
Photo: Andrew Skowron • Open Cages

Nearly all major restaurant brands in the US proudly announced that they’re making the switch to 100% cage-free eggs. But some have a dark secret.

Have you ever been stuck in a jam-packed subway car? Crowded shoulder-to-shoulder with dozens of other people, your feet ache from standing. There’s nowhere to sit. There’s barely room to breathe. All you can think about is getting off at the next stop.

Now imagine you never will.

As you read this, millions of hens across the US are trapped in “battery cages”—one of the cruelest inventions ever used on factory farms. (And that’s saying something.) Each hen lives her entire life in a filthy space the size of a sheet of paper, packed into a tiny cage with up to nine other hens. The wire bars rub her skin raw and hurt her sensitive feet. The only time she’ll see the sun is the day she’s sent to slaughter.

In response to outrage from compassionate people like you, thousands of major restaurant brands have promised to phase out these brutal cages by the year 2025. But as we inch closer to the looming deadline, they've gone radio silent.

Why can’t these companies report their progress? Are they actually emptying cages—or making empty promises?

The 2024 Eggsposé reveals which restaurants are following through for animals—and which aren’t. Each day they delay, millions of hens face another day of misery.

Right now, we have a chance to hold them accountable to their own promises. After all, what’s a corporate executive’s biggest fear? Being publicly called out by someone like you.

Your voice is powerful. Empty promises won’t empty cages. Will you make sure corporate animal abusers get the message—before their deadlines are up?

people are calling on restaurants to come clean about their use of cruel cages—and end this abuse for good.

Hardee's and Carl's Jr Logos

Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr.

Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. pledged in 2016 to end cages by 2025.

“We have committed to transitioning our egg supply to 100% cage-free eggs in our restaurants globally by 2025.”
Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr.’s Animal Welfare Policy

Subway Logo


In 2015, Subway promised to end cages by 2025.

“We know how important it is for consumers to feel confident that the food they eat is ethically sourced, and our customers care deeply about animal welfare. . . . Major menu changes like this take time, but we will keep our customers updated every step of the way as we work diligently with our suppliers to reach our goals.”
Subway’s 2015 Cage-Free Pledge Announcement

Wendy's Logo


Wendy’s ended cages for some locations in 2020. But it’s made no commitment to more than 5,000 remaining locations.

“Currently, we source predominantly from conventional housing systems, with cage free eggs representing approximately 6% of our total U.S. egg supply.”Wendy’s Egg Policy


Every hen deserves the space to stretch her wings. Demand that restaurants called out in the 2024 Eggsposé stay accountable to their cage-free promises.

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